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Alex Mathers Coaching provides training, ideas, and experiences for people on a purpose-driven journey of discovery, adventure and business-growth.

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Confidence Growth

We share ideas and programs on building confidence, facing fear, and developing strong leadership and communication skills.

Business Expansion

We help you start and grow your own business through courage-based marketing and networking.

Coach Training

We train aspiring coaches to build their own successful, premium coaching business. Coming soon.

Personal Coaching

Work one-to-one or in a consistent group setting with coach Alex Mathers. Build confidence, experience outdoor adventures, reach your goals, and 10X your business through regular coaching sessions.

Online Courses

We have created digital courses covering self-development and business-growth for you to gain skills in the comfort of your home.


We offer in-person workshops and events for those looking to learn more, gain new experiences and connect with like-minded people, around the world.

Extra Media

Alex has created hundreds of pieces of content across the web, in written, audio, and video form, in areas that include, productivity, creativity, personal growth, marketing and more.

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