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The 8 fundamental habits of the calmest people (short film)

I had a great childhood, but I was quick to anger and would often throw tantrums.

This reactivity manifested as fidgety overthinking and anxiety in later life. It took years for me to see the connection between being overly reactive and quick to judge, and the distress I’d feel as a result.

I spent many years with a goal to live a calmer life as often as I remembered to go there.

I studied calm people.

I learned about Zen, spirituality and Eastern wisdom. I practised in public.

Over time, I incorporated more calm.

I’m not talking about a stoned, passive calm - rather an experience of living with more ease and more at peace…

The above is a trailer to the full short film.

See the full film here to find out what I learned about the calmest people, and what helped me the most.

Thanks for watching.

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