Sticking to it has merit. I suggest going deep(er) into the Whys. Why do we believe we want something, or to do something, or to be something, etc... I have never succeeded well, nor any made any money to speak of, or found any joy at doing things that had Red Flags around the core.

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This is so true. We are unfortunately always looking for outside validation and it is THAT which triggers self doubt etc. Alex I do believe that you are an exceptional person and your ability to self analyse is a huge asset and credit to your determination.

But those of us who are not yet as highly evolved can learn much from the above.

The final step you wrote about psychology causes me a bit of concern - not many people are able or willing to dig deep to find the reasons for their behaviour. You encapsulated A LOT in that one comment.

I’m pm-ing you to ask about one of your courses btw.

Thank you. Kindest regards. Linda/Melody.

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