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I created this publication to help entrepreneurs, business owners and creators break free from limitations created in the mind (and by society) and to explore your potential in all areas of life.

Years of personal insecurity and anxiety developed my interest here, which led to my own breakthroughs before dedicating much of my work to helping others enjoy the same.

Topics we focus on include mindset, personal development, psychology, human behaviour, business mindset, spirituality, productivity, and energy management.

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Who’s Alex?

I’m a writer, illustrator and coach from the UK, currently living in Poland. I enjoy moving from place to place and living in different countries like Japan, Georgia, Thailand and Vietnam.

I have written several non-fiction books, and have built a readership of over 115,000 readers.

I’m a lover of science-fiction, alien films (not a Trekky), space, books, sea creatures, tea, books, volcanoes, Japanese food, climbing mountains, reading, books, and 4x4 vehicles. I prefer a German Shepherd over a Chihuahua.

I am a life-long student of psychology and the power we have in creating our world through a deeper understanding of the mind.

I have worked with clients including the BBC, Mars, Dots Games, Saatchi & Saatchi, Wired Magazine, 99U, Secret Cinema, Intelligent Change, and Google.

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