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Alex, pleased to read your recommendation to, rather than be anxiously haunted by uncertainty, that one can choose to embrace it. I might nuance it just a bit and suggest, rather than the holding suggested by “embrace,” one may simply open uncertainty or “not knowing” like a door and walk right through. It’s spacious on this side. There’s a sort of swim to it, but you can’t drown.

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Hey Bret, here's to swimming through the uncertainty!

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Your reflections on uncertainty and acceptance are thought-provoking. Embracing the unknown can indeed open doors to calmness and creativity, allowing us to focus on the present.

Robert from Beyond AI

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my pleasure!

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Your timing in writing about ‘acceptance’ comes in perfect step with my own recent experience of greater joyfulness; which is directly connected to the series of ‘steps’ of maturity of my soul.

I am finding my balance within the early years of my sixth decade. This is important to consider, because life experiences are the collective ‘steps’ which act as a path forward; and, ideally, gradually upward.

For me, step one was surviving an ever-present storm of angry noise, and a cold void where love and nurture should be present.

This very long infant and childhood period produced the agony of being so lonely, that I constantly begged God to let me escape to heaven.

The, now understood, treasure this cruel time revealed is that I have always KNOWN God’s existence. It is not possible to be angry with someone who does not exist. I finally realized, the blessing of this vivid certainty of my Heavenly Father has always been my comfort, and my compass. Otherwise, I would not have chosen to live in that hell.

And; so, I “soldered on”.

Step two, was finding love. I found heaps of “fool’s gold”, and forbidden love; before finding what eventually developed into the true love of my husband. Although, I didn’t yet know how undeserving I thought I was for a long while.

Step three, was/is loving myself; but, selflessly and purely loving me. This provided the missing ingredient which is essential for the pure expression of loving another.

This step involves the epic exercises of learning forgiveness; and all of the ways the acts of forgiveness is gift to ourselves; and, ultimately to others.

The forgiveness steps are IMPOSSIBLE without humility. “Sincere humility is a powerful virtue, providing sight where you never knew you were blind.” That’s a nugget of wisdom I wrote; which I credit to God. Think upon it often and long. Digest it purposefully.

The perfecting of forgiveness is not for ’the faint of heart’. The necessary journey is purgative and heartbreaking. It leads to a kind of death. But, that is not the climax. The climax is the resurrection; where you finally experience a freedom, and peace, and knowing of Love; as can not be found in any other way.

This was a giant leap upwards, and into the patiently waiting arms of God.

This is a wonderful place to rest. Rest patiently here.

Incidentally, after the long third step; this delicious patience was step four.

Step five is when, again you have strength to journey on; and you find your movements are lighter. Lighter of mind. Lighter of body. Noticeably lighter and joyful.

However; turns out, burdens, like self-inflicted wounds, can be strangely useful things. As, contrast reveals & illustrates wonderful things.

This is when you can be truly fruitful in your productivity as an instrument of God.

Perhaps you, like I, have long been mindfully obedient in service to God’s callings. Even filled with amazement at the miracles He worked through you.

But, this step is just beginning to bloom; and, with it I have blissfully stumbled into the very thing of which you have written, dear Alex.

The blissful thing is . . .


The Peace; which long ago was offered by Jesus Christ Himself, right before his passion.

And; He offers it still, right now.

A Peace; which can only be found because it was given with perfect Love. But, we must seek this treasure passionately.

Peace; which is found with the empowering gift of the perspective and practice of ‘acceptance’.

This happy moment comes after you drop the burdens of expectations and disappointments; along with the inevitable resulting consequences.

-- Now, it is earth’s season of fall. It was always burdensome for me. The cheerfulness of day is shorten, the skies darken, the warmth of the beautiful sun and it’s energy seemed punitively rationed.

But; NOW, I am experiencing fall with fresh eyes. Now, I see the WHY, of fall. For the first time in my life, I see the once illusive beauty of fall. And, I know I can even float similarly through the winter. Why?

Because; I SEE the reason for it.

Because; I ACCEPT it, instead of perpetuating the misery of hating and resenting it. I can now see how grumpy and foolish I was.

(Reminder: Count your blessings.)

Also, because; whatever ‘step’ this may be, I TRUST my Heavenly Father. The only “unknown” is discovering where He, whom I know and trust, will lead me.

This year, while the wide world groans in collective pain and suffering; God has unexpectedly led me and my husband to gardens of peace. The CONTRAST is vivid.

This “unknown” is safe & welcome.

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You're on the right path, Mary, thanks for your comment!

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Thank you bro, for these very good advices. Well done .see you later!

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my pleasure mate!

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Loved this piece. So many key takeaways. Lack of information crucifies action.

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