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As usual, I was skimming email distracting myself from the mess my two little dogs just made...sigh, and slowed down when I saw your article's title. Since I was still gearing up to start cleaning my office/studio I jumped on the chance for a break. Little did I know, I would have to FULL STOP to begin the absorb this one. Luckily, I'm one of those people who usually doesn't hesitate to try anything once (almost anything, before you snicker). But, I also believe in learning new ways of thinking and doing.

This article was so powerful! Each paragraph brought new insights and OMG I never thought of that thoughts. It was words that anyone could learn from!

I have copied your article and put it on my main employees desk's with a note to read and discuss on Tuesday. Today, thanks to you, I am actually scheduling Tuesday Talk Time for the three of us to shut the door, silence phones and TALK. Not just about business stuff, but more about their growth and my continued growth. I have a pretty successful small business and plan to sell it to them. That is a whole other thought process! They understand the nuts and bolts, but now is time to work on the soul and spirit of it all!

Thank you again, now back to my cleaning/organizing/distraction project of the day. I am so excited and again THANK YOU!


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So happy this article prompted new thoughts and enthusiasm in you Kathy! All the best with the business deal!

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